What's gotta go to overcome your struggles with sex!
Because you don't want to go back to the same old patterns and habits in 2020! 
You're Gonna Purge
Your Personal Space
Identify why it's so important to remove anything in your personal space that triggers temptations and unhealthy sexual decisions!
Your mind
Learn why how you think about sex is crucial for making lasting changes when it comes to your decisions about sex!

your sexual energy
 Gain clarity on what you can do to redirect your sexual energy from that dusty dude towards something uplifting and positive!

I want to help you!
 "Victory is already promised.  Deliverance is already yours. That's why I created this challenge. Because by God's grace,  I want to help you STAY in victory! I want to give you tools to STAY delivered! Freedom is possible, woman of God. 
See you on the inside."
-Pastor Kim
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